Patricia Foster is an innovative and creative artist who loves to bring every client the state of the art experience in her chair. Her scissors hand creativity embellishes the art of the hair cutting; this technique has included razor cutting, notch cutting, and the mold wrap technique. She has been licensed for over 21 years in the industry of cosmetology.  This passion for hair shaping pricked her heart, as a child, as early as age 9, when her father would adorn her hair with beautiful ponytails and bows, creating a very memorable experience for her every time. Also being a great cook, when Patricia is not creating hair illusions on her customer’s hair, she is creating Cordon Blue recipe delights that will surely make you pallets flip. She enjoys fine dining, fellowship with family, and traveling when time permits. She is enjoying living in the city of bright lights that she feels compliments the creativity for her and her clients.

Patricia Foster